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Mei, der arme Patrick!?

Ich habe gerade eine schreckliche Email erhalten…



I am Patrick Kuruma Kaba, a native from Sierra leonne in west Africa,i

am 28year of age and i lost my parents when i was only 4year old, i

never knew my Mum and Dad. In my 12year of age i was told that my

father (Dr.Kuruma Kaba) was a deputy controller of minny metal company

MMC Free Town where he acheieced Gold and Diamond which he depositedin

my name as my heritage property in the Republic of Ghana.


Just a few weeks now i was lucky to be in Ghana and discovered this

inheritage deposit iterms which is valuable aset of 120kg of Aluria

Gold Dust and 650Carrat of pure Diamond stone.


Please  i need a God feary and honest some one to help me for the

claim of this valuable iterms deposited in the security company in the

Republic of Ghana with a huge percentage offer or a reputable buyer

with a discount of 10 to 15percent on the international market price.

I will also feel free to give out 20percent to whom ever help for this

claims.I do hope this will not be an incovinence to you by given me

this help. May Almighty God bless and guide you Amen.



My sincere humble and Kindness.


Patrick Kuruma Kaba

From Sierria Leonne West Africa.

Der arme Patrick!? Oder wie ich ihn liebevoll nenne: der süße PKK.
Was machen wir denn da? Ich würde ja so gern helfen. Aber ich verstehe einfach kein englisch. Das ist jetzt dumm. Aber naja, was willste machen. Irgendwas ist ja immer.


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